Securely expose your computer to the Internet

Lotun is a tool for creating tunnels to your machine designed for simplicity and security. When you need to expose localhost to the Internet or remotely connect to your computer, Lotun has you covered.

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Create public URLs during development

Share the project you are working with coworkers or clients without deployment in place. Use the Dashboard to add your custom domain and tunnel HTTP traffic to your computer.

Connect to your machine through SSH

Securely execute commands or transfer files to your computer with external ports Lotun provides. Tunnel any TCP/UDP connection on any port on your computer.

Key features

HTTPS by default

Every HTTP connection is automatically secured with a free TLS certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

Extended security

Use tools like IP blacklisting and Basic auth to secure a connection to your computer.


Get a subdomain for HTTP traffic and our dedicated public ports for your TCP and UDP connections.

Middleware functions

Utilize javascript to write custom middlewares that run on the target device to have more control over the network traffic.


You don't need complex terminal commands to use Lotun, set up and manage everything right in your browser.

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